Aronova Working Capital Solutions

Pioneering trade finance technology and services for partners and clients around the globe.

Solutions for Corporates

Corporates use our solutions to operate their receivables-backed working capital programmes, maximise programme effectiveness, and minimise operational overheads.

  • Collection, validation and processing of Corporate receivables data.

  • Systematic application of eligibility criteria & monitoring of programme performance.

  • Automation of programme-critical processes to ensure accuracy & save time.

  • Enhanced programme compliance & granular programme visibility

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Solutions for Insurers

Insurers use our solutions to set programme specific credit limits, monitor constantly changing obligor and programme risk profiles and help Corporates comply with policy obligations.

  • Sub-DCL global credit limit management using Corporate payment performance.

  • Individual obligor or obligor group insurer credit limits above a policy DCL.

  • Automated policy compliance and greater insurance certainty.

  • Real-time monitoring of obligor and programme risk.

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Solutions for Funders

Funders use our solutions to fulfill many of the day-to-day, back-office tasks required to safely deliver receivables-backed working capital solutions.

  • Support for different funding sources and programme structures.

  • Optimisation of funding utilisation, advance rates and capacities.

  • Background monitoring of seller behaviour to identify anomalies and potential fraud.

  • Receivables purchase & movement reporting, cash transfer instructions, accruals & reserve management.

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