Selective invoice finance

Flow is an automated receivable purchase environment through which Corporates can selectively sell individual invoices, choose to sell specific customer invoices or can sell entire portfolio’s of invoices on a revolving basis.

Flow is built around an instant, automated receivables purchase model, where the various program costs are expressed in annual basis points or transactional costs and funding is often linked to an advanced / deferred purchase structure.

Flow supports various advanced / deferred purchase price configurations as well as off balance sheet mechanisms, giving funders and insurers the flexibility to structure receivables finance programs according to Corporate circumstances.

Corporates present receivables for purchase either manually using an Excel spreadsheet, or automatically by linking Flow to their accounting package. Once uploaded, receivables are immediately validated, matched to DUNS numbers, assessed for program eligibility, and immediately purchased according to the associated Flow program structure.

Flow administration is minimised through the automated issue of cash movement instructions and the automated reconciliation of collections activity. Flow is compatible with blockchain integration.

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