Corporates use our solutions to operate their receivables-backed working capital programmes, maximising funding programme effectiveness, whist minimising operational overheads. With receivables data often being collected from multiple company-wide accounting system sources, we provide Corporates and other transaction parties with consistent, dependable visibility through a single platform view.

Greater funding certainty

Continuity of working capital funding and certainty of available funding amounts are key day-to-day requirements for a receivables-backed finance programme. Our systems give transaction parties the visibility and certainty required to confidently deliver reliable working capital programmes to their clients.

Receivables collateral optimisation

A Corporate’s accounts receivable portfolio is one of its most valuable assets, but funders often struggle to accurately value this asset due to its constantly changing nature. Our systems overcome this, enabling Corporates to present the true value of their receivables collateral pre-funding, often achieving better advance rates.

Assured programme compliance

Visibility of receivables performance, the pre-testing of receivables eligibility, the setting of programme compliant credit limits and the automated fulfillment of programme specific obligations means the Corporate operates within a funder and insurer compliant environment, reducing operational risk and often leading to lower transaction costs.

Access to diverse funding sources

Working capital finance is increasingly funded by non-bank investors, who have access to large pools of attractively priced capital, but who very often lack the systems to deploy this capital in dynamic environments like receivables-backed finance. Our systems solve this, potentially opening-up new, cost-effective funding sources.

Reduced operational overhead

Modern receivables-backed working capital solutions require regular updates of detailed receivables data and compliance with various programme related obligations, all of which can take time and inevitably adds unwanted operational cost. We can automate large parts of this operational process, freeing-up valuable corporate resources.

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"Aronova provide the essential operational support required to effectively administer a receivables finance program. Aronova’s solutions have been instrumental in optimizing our overall funding structure and have enabled us to significantly reduce our enterprise wide cost of funds"

Charles Bauer – Leader Global Solutions