Funders & Factors


Funders use our solutions to operate their working capital and trade finance programmes to monitor performance and mitigate risk and fraud across the portfolio. The flexible nature of our solutions enables our partners to provide tailored, optmised funding solutions to their clients, whilst maintaining complete visibility and control.

Receivables eligibility & programme certainty

Our highly configurable receivables eligibility and programme trigger engines provide funding programme certainty by pre-testing each and every invoice against agreed criteria. Only receivables that sit within programme tolerances, including insurance criteria if the transaction is insured, make it through for funding.

Diverse programme structures

We support many different styles of receivables-backed funding programme, from simple ABL structures, to complex, high-return programmes which may previously have been impossible to support. Our systems give our partners improved competitive edge, enabling them to open new markets and provide competitive funding to their clients.

Optimised process efficiency

We are experts in automating key elements of a receivables-backed finance transaction, including the systematic collection of receivables data, debtor validation, eligibility testing and purchase optimisation. Automation frees-up time and resource, addresses many operational risk questions and increases productivity of existing headcount.

Day-to-day management

Our systems handle the vast majority of the background day-to-day tasks associated with delivering and monitoring a receivables-backed funding programme. Most programme structures can be highly automated, from reserve and accrual management through to dynamic purchase price calculations and the issue of cash movement instructions.

Risk & fraud tracking

The regular feed of receivables data from funded Corporates provides clear visibility and tracking of debtor risk, seller behaviour patterns and programme anomalies. Behavioural analysis algorithms show anomalous debtor actions and highlight trading pattern inconsistencies, providing early-warning of potential fraud.

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What our clients think ...

"Aronova were there whenever we needed them to support us in setting up our FinTech solution. Their exceptional expertise meant we were able to get up and running quickly and easily and their user-friendly systems give us total visibility and control over our portfolio. A great company and a superior product!"

Ben James – TradePlus24