Insurers use our solutions to efficiently structure and deliver risk transfer solutions according to the needs and requirements of a receivables-backed funding programme.

Whether insuring the Corporate, an SPV or the funder directly, Aronova systems make a real difference to policy aspects such as credit limit management & operational compliance, whilst delivering unprecedented visibility of seller, debtor and transaction risk.

Debtor Risk Tracking

The systematic collection and processing of detailed receivables data means insurers can quickly tap into critical risk underwriting information. Aged-debt and historical trend information allows tracking of delinquencies, dilutions and defaults, whilst credit control and seller behavioural analysis can quickly alert underwriters to negative change.

Automated sub-DCL Global Credit Limits

Proprietary algorithms use a Corporate’s trading experience to automatically set insurer approved global credit limits. Typically referred to as sub-DCL limits, these credit limits can be structured as individual debtor or debtor group limits, cancellable or non-cancellable, and can be subject to ceiling and floor values.

Insurer Credit Limits

Our insurance partners can overlay their own internal credit limits on larger or more challenging named debtors, within either a whole turnover or excess of loss underwriting structure. We also address the challenges of insurer aggregate limits, and support underwriter specific debtor group, activity sector and country aggregate caps.

Cross-policy Risk Monitoring

Most insurers struggle to achieve a clear view of cross-policy risk and programme performance, particularly when the same debtors exist across multiple policies. Our reporting suite neatly addresses this challenge, bringing crucial clarity across all of your policies, enabling you to effectively view, monitor and manage risk.

Greater Insurance Certainty

Typically, policy compliance is only tested at the point of a claim, and if the insured has fallen short of its obligations, the validity of the claim may be challenged. Our systems help the Corporate operate in a policy compliant manor, addressing in real-time its insurance obligations, and providing robust, daily compliance visibility to transaction parties.

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What our clients think ...

“Aronova is a key strategic partner to our Trade Finance division and its intuitive, innovative solutions enable us to provide more effective solutions for receivable finance. Their systems provide clear, consistent, up to date visibility of funding programme performance and flexible, end-to-end operational support across a broad range of working capital funding structures. This allows us to offer tailored, effective insurance cover within a Basel III compliant policy framework."

Neil Ross, Global Head of Trade Credit - AIG