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Aronova Q2-2018 in numbers

David Baker | June 2018

Transaction volumes during Q2-2018 show a steady increase across all our key indicators:

  • Total Value of Sold Receivables = $800M (+22%)
  • Total Number of Sold Receivables = 13,000 (+31%)
  • Total Number Debtor Countries = 62 (+13%)
Comparison is shown against Q1-2018.

Aronova Inc

David Baker | April 2018

Our North and South American business volumes have steadily been increasing over the last few months. To support this expansion, we've decided to set-up a US subsidiary - Aronova Inc and we'll maintain a permanent support presence from our new East Coast offices just outside Asbury Park, New Jersey.

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Alternate Asset Classes

David Baker | March 2018

Last year we looked at a challenging utilities portfolio – with well over 1 million customer accounts, and around 50 million historic receivables. We had to consolidate daily electronic feeds of receivables data from multiple regional utilities providers and we were updating more than 500,000 invoices daily.

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Funding the factor

David Baker | February 2018

Over the last few months we’ve seen a steady increase in activity aimed at fund-the-factor programs and the provision of liquidity to support factor advance rates. More often than not, these programs are credit insured, providing protection to the funder in the event of Seller and/or Obligor default.

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Selective invoice finance

David Baker | January 2018

Flow is an automated receivable purchase environment through which Corporates can selectively sell individual invoices, choose to sell specific customer invoices or can sell entire portfolio’s of invoices on a revolving basis.

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